The BIG Deal About the State Fair

April 24, 2023

The Texas State Fair is an annual event held in Dallas, Texas, that celebrates our state's culture, history, and agriculture. It is one of the largest state fairs in the United States and has a rich history that dates back over 130 years.

The first Texas State Fair was held in 1886, organized by a group of businessmen who wanted to showcase the state's agricultural products and industrial advancements. The fair was held on an 80-acre site near Dallas' historic Fair Park and attracted more than 14,000 visitors.

Over the years, the fair grew in size and popularity, featuring new attractions such as horse racing, livestock shows, and automobile exhibits. In 1904, the fair introduced the "world's largest ferris wheel," which was later replaced by the iconic Texas Star ferris wheel in 1985.

During World War II, the fairgrounds were used as a military training facility, and in the 1950s and 1960s, the fair became a venue for major concerts featuring musicians like Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Let's talk about the food for a moment. The fair features a wide range of food options, including classic fair foods like corn dogs and funnel cakes, as well as innovative new creations like fried bubblegum, deep-fried butter, and fried beer. Many of these foods are only available at the State Fair of Texas, making it a must-visit destination for foodies and adventurous eaters.

In addition to the food itself, the State Fair of Texas is also known for its food-related competitions, such as the Big Tex Choice Awards, which recognizes the best new fair foods each year. The fair also features cooking demonstrations and competitions, giving visitors a chance to learn from and interact with top chefs and cooks.

Explore more about the Texas State Fair on the official website.

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